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Ken Xing Auto Spray

We are specialist in High Quality Dust Free Spray Painting and Oven Auto Spray 2K System.

Our history in the automotive paint began in year 2004.

We provides services such as car outside body spray , change colour , touch up point , knocking adjustment , clean engines , car bottom anti rust and more.

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Disaster Dent Pulling

Let’s face it, you just can’t avoid getting crashed or hit by someone on the road.

We are fortunate enough to have amazing skills at bodywork which able to repair the dents like just came out from factory.

The Color changing

Are you sick and tired of seeing the old paint on your car? Or maybe you suddenly got an idea or desire that want to give your car a big transformation.

If this is what you’re looking for, click the button below and see more amazing result of other people’s cars And how your car will be turn out.

Perfect Color Matching

When it comes to repainting parts of your car, it’s quite ugly that getting 2 different colors on certain panels.

If you had experienced the problem before, it’s like the end of the world..

 However, there’s a secret of achieving the exact same color…

This is not another painting workshop

The best way to know our work quality is to view what we have done and what we are doing on a daily basic. Follow the gallery and view more!